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Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune: Here As One (EP Review)

Sometimes, when two artists collaborate on an album or an EP together, the end result feels awkward. On Here As One, Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune show that they are collaborators that can keep elements of what makes them unique intact while creating a sound that stays true to their individuality as artists. This isn’t something that can just be created inorganically, however. Both members of the Philadelphia music scene for quite some time, it is apparent that both Fried Monk (Lucas Kozinski) and beautiful-fortune (Jameel Farruk) have an understanding for each other not only as musicians, but as people as well. Fried Monk is known by his fans for creating downtempo electronic music, as well as more up-tempo boom bap compositions. Beautiful-fortune, on the other hand, has been known with his association in projects that play more into the sensibilities of Indie and Alternative rock music. Both artists are able to meld their styles seamlessly to accompany one another, and leaves the listener with the easy job of sitting back and enjoying the way these two were able to come together.

Here As One may only include three tracks, but it is a great sampler of what could be to come for these two collaborators on future tag team projects such as this. On these three songs, we do see three different sides of these collaborators, which is great and shows that this project in the future will be full of new ideas, you’ll never get sick of what Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune do together as a team.

The EP starts off with ‘Patient Zero’, a track that is accompanied by a laid back, drum heavy beat and lulled vocals. The song contains very relaxing qualities to it throughout, and really does feel like a great introduction to these two minds at work. Lyrically, the song is a call for understanding between one another, even though we may feel like we are on our own distant planets, especially after being locked away from one another for as long as we have been.

‘Planet B’ is the second track on Here As One, and it may very well be my song for the start of the summer, as it contains a contagious groove and very upbeat lyrical delivery. Again, lyrically, it does still feel like distance is a very big theme throughout this song, as it contains references to outer space, if you didn’t grasp it by the title of the track. Even though the delivery feels very bright the song is about going through a bad breakup and the feelings that surround an individual who finds themselves in that situation. If you listen to one song off of this EP, although this writer encourages you to give all of these tracks the time of day they deserve, please make it this one.

Closing off the EP is the track ‘That Simple’, a very guitar heavy track that is reminiscent of the late 2000’s early 2010’s Pop leaning Alternative Rock that dominated the airwaves in that time period. The song contains probably the most dynamic range of any of the tracks throughout the EP and has a great tempo change 2 minutes into the track that make this the most interesting song from a structural standpoint and leads more curiosity towards seeing these two collaborators working on a full project with one another. All in all, the track leads to a sort of depressing yet hopeful statement of time and how humanity chooses to use it. There is a lot of thought put into the topics these two artists have chosen to write about in the course of these three songs, showcasing their intelligence in a very unique and refreshing way.

Here as One feels like it should be right at home in the ears of fans of electronic, Hip Hop, and Alternative music fans alike. Both Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune are given room to showcase what they both can do as musicians and writers alike, and this EP should be a must listen for any two artists thinking they would enjoy collaborating with one another, because both individuals are able to come as one and create catchy, yet thought provoking tracks that will leave audiences begging for a full length project as soon as they can.

Favorite Track: Planet B

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen to 'Planet B' from Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune's collaborative EP, Here As One, below:

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