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Riskee & The Ridicule- Platinum Statue (Album Review)

A band at the top of the UK’s underground music scene, Grime Punk outfit Riskee & The Ridicule’s albums have been centered around the politics surrounding their everyday lives. On Platinum Statue, the band takes the album inwardly, talking about experiences hyperpersonal to them, such as mental health, and being genuinely themselves in the type of music they perform. Turning the microscope closer towards themselves not only makes the content more centered on their individuality but also allows this 4th album by the group to be a record where each band member’s musical interests come into play. This allows each track to have its own personality without feeling too all over the place, which is difficult to achieve. Riskee & the Ridicule are already one of the most unique bands in the underground scene, but when you add this release to their discography, the band becomes an unstoppable force.

Platinum Statue’s biggest strengths come by way of its variety and energy. There are a lot of hard-hitting tracks on here, as well as slower, more thoughtful tracks. Songs like ‘How I Feel’ feel almost like the modern understanding of what UK Post-Punk has become, only a little more melodic than most angry UK Punk frontmen, as seen most vividly on the track’s chorus. Other tracks, such as ‘Loser’, feel as if they could be tracks belonging to an early 2000’s punk band. These different sounds coming together in a way that can be loud, thoughtful, and just downright catchy is no easy feat, showing a perfect marriage in each of the band members' interests.

Riskee & The Ridicule are known for their thoughtful lyricism, and even though they are lyrically steering in a more personal direction on Platinum Statue, that doesn’t mean they have become weaker in their songwriting. The band's lead single, ‘My Name’ showed to fans that even though lyrical themes will be different, they still know how to hit hard. ‘My Name’ is an underground anthem of sorts, a celebration of the band’s outsider identity, and a defiant call to all of the critics of their sound. It’s a song that oozes with pride and a statement to the haters, and it is pretty unforgettable. On the flip side, the band confronts heavier concepts throughout the album too, ‘Giving Up’ being a prime example of this. The song sees the band extending an arm out to all who are feeling deep mental health issues, sympathizing with the listener and making sure that they don’t feel alone in the process.

Bands that are truly distinctive in what they are trying to achieve musically and lyrically are difficult to come by. Riskee & The Ridicule prove on their latest record that they are not afraid to continue paving the unique road they have created for themselves with their unique blend of genre and thoughtful lyricism. ‘Top of the underground’ is a term that is not only an oxymoron but gets thrown around a little too much. Riskee & The Ridicule are an exception to this, and they truly prove that they deserve this title wholeheartedly.

Favorite tracks: How I Feel, My Name

Rating: 7.5/10

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Listen to ‘How I Feel’ off of Riskee & The Ridicule’s latest album, Platinum Statue, below:

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