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Web Rumors- New Tricks (Album Review)

Hailing from Perth, Web Rumors delivers their take on New Wave music in a way that is not only refreshing, but also insanely catchy. It feels like week after week a group will release a ‘retro’ sounding record, and at this point, it feels like the idea has been all but exhausted. Web Rumors makes sure not to exhaust audiences, as they have some New Tricks up their sleeve. The band is able to weave creative arrangements throughout the entirety of their Sophomore release that really leave audiences asking ‘why isn’t this group more widely known?’ The group is able to weave various influences throughout their record, mainly touching the ideas of late 70’s and early 80’s New Wave, and lining these ideas up to attract a wide variety of music fans. Web Rumors bag of tricks is loaded throughout this album, with ideas and sequences for just about everyone on their album that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the band does enough with their short run time to intrigue audiences, leaving them satisfied, yet hungry for what the band has in store for the future.

A lot of the charm on this record lies in the vocal delivery that we are gifted as listeners throughout New Tricks by way of Em Burrows. Where Em is able to particularly shine though is on tracks where she has a mysterious delivery, like on tracks ‘Lovers in Slow Motion’ and ‘Seeds In the Dark’. The smoky delivery that we get on these two tracks feel almost like they harken back to even the mid 70’s, adding to the mystique and overall attitude of the songs. While approaching ‘pop’ sensibilities, Web Rumors add a certain edge to make their case as to why people should pay attention to them, and leave waves of soundalikes behind. There’s no denying that this music wouldn’t exist without the musicians that have traversed these genres before, but when you can channel that energy and emotion like Web Rumors can, you really have a deadly band on your hands.

It’s no denying that Web Rumors know what they do well on this record, and stick to it, they do swerve out of their lane, trying to switch it up every now and again on New Tricks, which adds a lot to the record. While other modern New Wave bands stick to the traditional Vocals, Bass, Synth, guitar arrangements, Web Rumors knows when they need to differentiate from the pack. From string moments on ‘Lovers in Slow Motion’ to saxophone moments on ‘Atoms and Dust’ and ‘Golden Age’, Web Rumors know that they need something to keep listeners engaged and anticipating differentiating musical landscapes. Overall, all of the instrumentation is very well done and it really does feel like each member in this band was hand picked from the 80’s to ‘save music’ in today’s day in age. Although I’m sure the technology is not quite there yet, Web Rumors sure did fool me on their latest record.

With songs that will get stuck in your head for days and an overall feel that will help you relive your musical glory days, Web Rumors delivers with a fun and engaging release that will appeal to a wide array of people. If you are worried that Web Rumors is another ‘New Wave revival’ band I can assure you that they do enough to keep the ideas of the genre new and fresh. New Tricks is a pure example in how to create something that is nostalgic while still attempting to propel music forward.

Favorite Tracks: Moving On, New Wave Heart Ache

Least Favorite Track: Golden Age

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen to Moving On, from Web Rumors' Sophomore record, New Tricks, below:

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