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We Are Scientists release new track, 'Handshake Agreement'

The year is 2011. A thirteen year old version of me is playing FIFA 11 on my XBOX 360 as I play hooky from school because my first girlfriend broke up with him after a long one and a half weeks of being together. As I sip on a Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator, contemplating if the reason she broke up with me was the fact that I only ever had one conversation with her in the entirety of our relationship, a younger version of me hears the guitar riff of the song 'Rules Don't Stop Me.' As the younger version of me listens to this track during halftime of an insanely important game in the Norwegian Tippeligaen, all of my outside worries seem to fade away as I'm transported to a different world of thought. This game was my first exposure to 'Alternative' music, and would eventually shape my own personal music taste and my interest in music discovery. As the years went on in my personal music journey, I would find out that We Are Scientists were a very important and championed band by many people and had a knack for creating insanely catchy songs that were able to get people up and move.

I am happy to report that even in 2021, We Are Scientists are still able to create music that has the same contagious effect on me and many others on their latest track 'Handshake Agreement.' The track features the same catchy hooks that are reminiscent of the vibrant indie scene of the mid 2000's, but this time with a disco tinged flare that is sure to work it's way into your subconscious. The guitar work on this particular track will be enough to remind you why you are in love with this band. If this is your first exposure to the group then the guitar licks may be enough to intrigue you and make you look at their past projects (which is highly recommended.)

'Handshake Agreement' is the latest song to be released in preparation for the release of We Are Scientists' seventh studio album, Huffy. The track was released alongside a music video for the song, which features a character named Beef Harmony who is a reaction youtuber. He reacts to a music video for the song 'Handshake Agreement' and hilarity ensues. The music video acts as a commentary about celebrity culture and its relationship to internet culture. This video that accompanies the track adds to the overall intrigue of the song and acts a really funny yet insightful look on the world as we know it today.

Huffy comes out in October and, if this single is any indication of what we are about to see from the veteran Indie Rock band, listeners are sure to be in for a catchy LP full of pure Indie Pop bliss, fans of the album may even have to pick a copy up on vinyl. Huffy is sure to be a hit with collectors of vinyl as the record has some intriguing packaging attached to it. The record is, in a sense a canvas, on Huffy. Owners will be given a sheet of stickers to attach on to the cover that resembles a wall you’d walk past and think nothing of. Owners of the record are encouraged to 'graffiti' these stickers on the cover of the record and make their copies of Huffy one of a kind works of art.

'Handshake Agreement' is sure to remind you of simpler, more carefree times, even if you have no previous relationship with the band. We Are Scientists are able to deliver an attitude in a very welcoming way on their latest track, which isn't something every band can do with their talents. It's the type of song that makes me want to kick my shoes off and reminisce about times where I didn't have so many responsibilities, but this time, without the heartbreak of a girl I dated for literally 10 days.

Watch the music video for the latest track by We Are Scientists, 'Handshake Agreement,' below:

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