Due to a large influx of plastic and an upcoming move, we are not accepting any plastic at this time.


What We Accept

CLEAN AND DRY We accept plastic that is clean as your dishes and completely dry. Dirty recycling is just trash. Please wash your recyclables with dish soap, being sure to remove all grease, especially on bottle caps and around threads. If your plastic is not clean, we will contact you to retrieve it. If you drop off something that is dirty, or I do not accept it, I will ask you to return and retrieve your plastic. If these directions are not followed, I will no longer accept your plastic.


  • We accept #5 (PP), #2 (HDPE), #4 (LDPE), and PLA (3D printer filament or compostable cups/flatware).

  • We do not accept #1 (PET), #3 (PVC), #6 (PS), or #7 (Other) at this time.

  • Plastic can be any shape or size smaller than a 5 gallon bucket. Paper labels are acceptable on bottles, jugs, and containers, however we will offer customer rewards if you remove all labels before drop off.

  • We accept flat plastic lids without labels (no paper or plastic labels) - please remove them before dropping off. Some adhesive residue is okay.

  • You may drop off bottle caps if they are ALL PLASTIC with no rubber seals (check inside of the cap for rubber) or paper labels.

Who and How

Any community member or business who wishes to recycle with us. We limit drop off customers to ensure we are receiving a manageable amount of recyclables. Sign up by contacting us using the form below. For previous drop off customers, please send us an email to let us know you still wish to be a drop off customer. You will a receive a confirmation from us to confirm you may drop off plastic and with the location. Please leave your name on each bag you drop off.

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We ask for a donation with each drop off to ensure we can continue to take your recycling in the future. Most customers donate $3-$20. You may leave cash, pay in person, or donate via the button below.