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Eliza & The Delusionals 'Give You Everything' on their latest single

There is a certain sound that is able to transport you back to a time that you never experienced, yet it sends you back to a simpler moment in your life. Australian-based dream pop band Eliza & the Delusionals transport us back in time to that crush that you fought so hard trying to impress on their latest song, ‘Give You Everything,’ and it works so well. With glittering synths and an excellent, dreamy vocal delivery from lead singer Eliza Klatt throughout, this track feels destined for a movie placement in which two young lovers are driving around in their parents convertible after school, being so in love while wondering when this feeling of bliss will end. Not many bands can paint a picture in their fans minds like Eliza & the Delusionals can, and the band will have many more fans after their highly anticipated debut album entitled Now and Then releases May 20th, via Cooking Vinyl.

To the untrained ear this song may sound like it is only about doing everything to be in a relationship that feels so amazing while you’re with the person, but wondering when it will all fall apart. The song possesses a double meaning, while doing anything to be with a lover could be one way to look at the song, the band cites their relationship with the music industry as inspiration for the track.

The song was released towards the end of February and accompanied by a music video that feels like it was taken right off of a Disney Channel show from the early 2000’s. Directed by Nick Maguire, the video contains many tropes that people raised on shows from that era would recognize immediately. From party flyers, lockers that transport characters into bedrooms, and animated sequences that look like they are straight from an episode of Lizzie McGuire, it makes sense that a song that sounds as nostalgic as this would have an equally nostalgic music video to accompany it. The result of this song and video coming together will have people coming back to watch and listen to the track over and over again, never getting bored of it.

At this point, the band has released the first four tracks that make up Now and Then. These teasers for the album leave this writer excited for what else could be coming for our ears on the debut album. All four songs shimmer high above you unabashedly and flow so well together with one another. The band credits all of the misfortunes of the past couple of years caused by COVID for the creation of this album. Eliza & the Delusionals were slated to rise meteorically with all of the slew of opportunities that they were able to get but unfortunately got cancelled throughout 2020 and 2021. Eliza & The Delusionals could have been furious with the way the world was going and do absolutely nothing with their time, but the missed opportunity made them hungry, and the band hunkered down and created what seems to be some of the best tracks in their catalog to date throughout Now and Then.

A bright Indie Pop tune with hope for the future, yet fear about what lays around the corner, ‘Give You Everything’ is a track that deserves to be in your rotation and the Gold Coast band explores so much within the 3 minute 23 second track and leaves you embracing your past while being excited, yet terrified for what the future holds all the same. I can see why the Australian band was in high demand prior to the pandemic and look forward to seeing them absolutely explode within the coming months.

Watch the video for 'Give You Everything' below:

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